2007 Festival Beers


1 Adnams Explorer 5.5% A light & refreshing blonde beer with the aromas of a grapefruit grove. The citrus attack will burst on your palate! Suffolk
2 Alcazar Vixens Vice 5.2% A pale, strong ale brimming with malt flavour balanced with a clean, crisp, hop taste. Nottinghamshire
3 Alehouse Brewery One Legendary Pub 4.0% A straw coloured ale with a pleasant hop aroma and flavour. Distinct lingering bitter finish Hertfordshire
4 Arbor Ales Old Knobbley 4.5% A dark ruby malt best bitter. Avon
5 Arkell’s Summer Ale 4.0% Refreshing, both light in colour and taste. Wiltshire
6 Arundel Castle Ale 3.8% A tawny coloured beer with a hoppy aroma. The balance of fruit, hops and malt gives a dry hoppy finish. Sussex
7 Atomic Brewery Half Life 5.0% A pale celebration ale in top condition. Well hopped with a fruity aftertaste. Very drinkable, so beware at this ABV Warwickshire
8 Badger River Cottage Stinger 4.5% Made from fresh organic Dorset nettles – a grassy herbal aroma with subtle gooseberry and lemon citrus notes that build up towards the end of the glass. Dorset
9 Ballards Midhurst Mild 3.4% TBC Hampshire
10 Banks & Taylor Dragon Slayer 4.5% A straw coloured beer, dry, malty and lightly hopped. Originally brewed for St. George’s Day. Berkshire
11 Bateman XB 4.8% A distinctive, well balanced bitter, with a refreshing dry bitterness on the palate and pleasing hoppy finish Lincolnshire
12 Bath Gem 4.1% A hint of biscuit and toffee flavours with a long deep bitter-sweet finish and a rich aroma. Avon
13 Batham Best Bitter 4.3% Straw coloured, fruity Staffordshire
14 Black Sheep Riggwelter 5.9% Recipe for legless sheep…the new peculier Yorkshire
15 Boddingtons Bitter 3.8% The cream of Manchester, tastes much better without the cream on top…
16 Brains Reverend James TBC Ruby-ish colour, easy drinking, full bodied. Glamorgan
17 Breaconshire Golden Valley 4.2% Voted Championship Beer of Wales 2004/5. A deep golden coloured beer with floral notes and a gentle but persuasive bitterness, making it a very drinkable and thirst-quenching beer Powys
18 Broughton Summer Ale 3.5% A light, dry but refreshing summer pint with a crisp hop flavour and aftertaste and a golden colour Peeblesshire
19 Burford Brewery Burford Best 4.3% Deep amber coloured beer with a distinctive malty taste, smooth with a light bitterness. Oxfordshire
20 Burton Bridge 25th Anniversary Ale 4.5% A golden, hoppy beer. Brewed to celebrate 25 years of brewing at Burton Bridge. Staffordshire
21 Butcombe Butcombe Blonde 4.3% A clean-tasting, refreshing, easy to drink premium beer. Light and fruity with a medium bitter finish. Avon
22 Camerons Green Bullet 4.5% A July special – a golden, spicy, citrus bitter, refreshing and fruity. County Durham
23 Cannon Royall Fruitiers Mild 3.7% Rich roast flavours – more stout than a mild Worcestershire
24 Carlsberg – Tetley Tetleys Bitter 3.7% As a result of brewing this beer in Yorkshire Squares, it has a full-bodied roasted malt flavour with just a hint of caramel. Tetley’s Cask also has a smooth hop character and bitterness derived from English hops. Northamptonshire
25 Clark’s Westgate Gold 4.2% Light coloured fruity beer with a full body and rich aroma, leaving you wanting more! Yorkshire
26 Coors Hancocks HB 3.6% A traditional cask ale with an aroma full of crystal toffee and pear drops with a hint of liquorice. A touch drying, its soft and smooth malty palate has a faintly sharp finish. Hampshire
27 Cotleigh Cotleigh Anniversary 25 4.0% Explosion of flavours from American Cascade hops. Light and golden with a fruit filled finish. Somerset
28 Cotswold Brewing Co Wheat Beer 4.2% A light summer drink with hints of fruit, inspired by the traditional German Berliner Weisse style Oxfordshire
29 Cotswold Spring Apricot Harvest 4.7% A light amber ale, flavoured with Amarillo hops and fresh apricots. Gloucestershire
30 Cotswold Spring Olde English Rose 4.0% Straw-like in colour, this excellent ale depicts every aspect of summer. With an initial dryness on the palate and a hoppy finish, this brew is bursting with flavour. Gloucestershire
31 Dark Star Hophead 3.8% An extremely clean drinking pale gold coloured ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes. This beer is full-bodied despite its very quaffable strength and dryness. Sussex
32 Doghouse Sea Dog TBC TBC Cornwall
33 Donnington Best Bitter 3.5% Light, malty and delicious, from Hooky’s only real rival Gloucestershire
34 Donnington S B A 4.0% A malty bitter from Britain’s most picturesque brewery Gloucestershire
35 Elgood Cambridge Bitter 3.8% Dark amber award winning session beer. Balanced and refreshing with hints of fruit. Drying finish. Cambridgeshire
36 Everards Sunchaser 4.0% A thirst quenching brew, produced using lager malt and Hallertau lager hops. Saaz premium dry hops are added to give a mixture of sweetness and spice. Leicestershire
37 Felinfoel Double Dragon 4.2% The full drinking premium Welsh ale. malty and subtly hopped with a rich colour and smooth balanced character. Carmarthenshire
38 Freeminer Speculation 4.8% A rich premium ale, deep ruby red with a balanced hop and malt aftertaste. Gloucestershire
39 Frog Island Shoemaker 4.2% An orangey aroma of fruity cascade hops is balanced by malt. Citrus and hoppy bitterness lasts into a long dry finish. Northamptonshire
40 Fuller’s London Pride 4.1% Rich and smooth, with a good malty base – an a easy drinking beer with great body and a fruity, satisfying finish. Middlesex
41 Goff’s Jouster 3.8% Well balanced, drinkable tawny ale Gloucestershire
42 Grafton Two Water Grog 4.0% TBC Nottinghamshire
43 Greene King Ruddles Orchard 4.2% Combines the taste of fresh apple with a blend of unusual hops and premium malted barley Suffolk
44 Grindleton Ribble Rouser 3.8% A single malt, double hopped pale golden bitter with plenty of character and a citrus grapefruit finish. Lancashire
45 Hampshire TBC TBC TBC Hampshire
46 Hanby All Seasons 4.2% TBC Shropshire
47 Hogs Back T.E.A. 4.2% A pale malty bitter. A well crafted bitter sweet beer with a long dry finish. Surrey
48 Holt Humdinger 4.0% A refreshing beer brewed with honey and citrus flavoured whole hops to provide a rounded, tongue tingling taste with an exciting aroma Greater Manchester
49 Hook Norton [email protected] 3.8% TBC Oxfordshire
50 Hook Norton Beer Festival Special TBC TBC Oxfordshire
51 Hook Norton Hooky Bitter 3.6% A subtly balanced, golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate – the classic session beer, eminently drinkable Oxfordshire
52 Hook Norton Haymaker 5.0% A strong pale ale of distinctive taste. Plenty of Goldings hops during the brewing give it a certain something extra – like sunshine dancing on the tongue Oxfordshire
53 Hook Norton Hooky Dark 3.2% A dark chestnut – coloured ale, crammed full of roast malt flavours, and complimented with superb dry-hop aromas from East Kent Goldings. Oxfordshire
54 Hook Norton Hooky Gold 4.2% A pale, crisp beer; the Maris Otter malt gives it a bold, clear, confidence, while the traditional English Fuggles and Goldings and American Willamette hops give it the best of the old and the new worlds. Oxfordshire
55 Hook Norton Old Hooky 4.6% A beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature, with a well-rounded body and the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt. Oxfordshire
56 Hopshackle Special Bitter 4.3% Tawny coloured malty bitter with an intense caramel aroma with strong malt. The taste is intensely caramel, creamy with bitter-sweet malt, some hops and a tannic bitterness. The finish is strong malt, caramel, clean and very bitter. Lincolnshire
57 Hydes Anvil Jekylls Gold 2 4.8% A refreshing, bitter ale with tangy citrus and floral character. Grapefruit and citrus notes in evidence derived from the high proportions of Styrian Goldings that are used. Greater Manchester
58 Hydes Anvil Jekylls Gold 4.8% A refreshing, bitter ale with tangy citrus and floral character. Grapefruit and citrus notes in evidence derived from the high proportions of Styrian Goldings that are used. Greater Manchester
59 Jennings Cumberland Ale 4.0% A superb golden coloured, full flavoured ale with a delicate hop character Cumbria
60 Lees Bitter 4.0% A copper coloured beer with a malty, hoppy aroma. You are left with a distinctive malty aftertaste. One pint is never enough! Greater Manchester
61 Mordue TBC – new pale ale TBC TBC Tyne & Wear
62 Nethergate Suffolk County 4.0% A quality best bitter with great hop and malt aromas together with a punching bitterness. Suffolk
63 Oulton Ales Sunrise 4.0% A light refreshing golden bitter with a taste of elderflower. Suffolk
64 Oxfordshire Ales Triple B 3.7% A session bitter, well hopped with Styrian and English Golding hops. Oxfordshire
65 Potton Shannon I P A 3.6% A beer that is light and quaffable Bedfordshire
66 Purity Brewing Co Pure Gold 3.8% A refreshing Golden Ale – an easy drinking beer with a lovely dry and bitter finish. Warwickshire
67 R C H Pitchfork 4.3% A golden bitter with floral citric hop aroma. A hoppy predominate taste, slightly sweet and fruity, leaves you wanting more Somerset
68 Ringwood Boondoggle 4.0% Irresistible hop aroma with high summer floral notes. Initial fruitiness with a crisp dry finish. A straw-coloured beer flavoured with just two aroma hops, the highly prized Fuggles and the new dwarf variety First Gold. Hampshire
69 Robinson’s Dizzy Blonde TBC TBC Cheshire
70 Sharps TBC TBC TBC Cornwall
71 Skinners TBC TBC TBC Cornwall
72 St Austell Tribute 4.2% Hoppy flavour and fresh citrus nose are good enough to rival any fine white wine. Cornwall
73 St Peters Best Bitter 3.7% A traditional best bitter brewed with pale and crystal malts and goldings aroma hops resulting in a full bodied ale with distinctive fruity caramel notes. Suffolk
74 Stonehenge Pigswill 4.0% A full bodied beer, not so bitter but rich in hop aroma, giving the beer a delightful aftertaste. The warm amber colour is very appealing to the eye Wiltshire
75 Teignworthy Old Moggy 4.4% Clear mahogany brew with a citrus flavour Devon
76 Three Castles TBC TBC TBC Wiltshire
77 Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.3% Often regarded as one of the best ales in the country, fruity, almost “lemony” bitter. Madonna’s favourite beer! Yorkshire
78 Titanic Lifeboat 4.0% Cast yourself adrift with this fruity and malty,red brown bittersweet beer. It has a serene caramel character and the finish is dry and fruity. Staffordshire
79 Tring Doctor Goldfinger 4.2% Pure gold! An extremely quaffable summer ale with a pinch of blackcurrant aroma and a hint of citrus notes. Hertfordshire
80 Uley Old Spot Prize Ale 5.0% Fruity reddish coloured ale, strong balanced aftertaste of hops and bitterness Gloucestershire
81 Warwickshire Churchyard Bob 4.9% A sweet, dark, ruby porter made with chocolate malt. Method ringers used the term ‘Churchyard Bob’ to signal the crossover of bell ringers. Warwickshire
82 Wells Waggledance 5.0% Pale ale and crystal malt, Fuggle & Golding hops together with honey produce a delicious golden ale Bedfordshire
83 Wells Bombardier 4.3% Superlative bitter with an unexpectedly light, fruity flavour and mere suggestion of malt settles on the palate after a lap of honour over every curve of the tongue Bedfordshire
84 Wells Directors 4.8% TBC Bedfordshire
85 Weston’s Cider Old Rosie 7.3% Allowed to settle out naturally after fermentation resulting in a truly old fashioned, full flavoured, appley, cloudy scrumpy with a well-balanced, medium dry character. Herefordshire
86 Weston’s Cider Perry 4.5% Light and fruity with a well-balanced sweetness. A perfect drink for all occasions. Herefordshire
87 Whittingtons Brewery Cats Whiskers 4.2% A bright, medium-bodied beer, with a gentle sparkle and delivers a rich hop flavour to give a refreshing and characterful pint. Gloucestershire
88 Whittingtons Brewery Summer Pale Ale 4.0% More refreshing than a traditional bitter but retains a full bodied flavour. With it’s naturally sparkling texture, this beer is certain to show lager drinkers the error of their ways. Gloucestershire
89 Wickwar TBC TBC TBC Gloucestershire
90 Wizard Druid’s Fluid 5.0% A deep brown coloured beer with a fruity smoky aroma. The taste is full-bodied with more rich raisin fruit notes. Winner of last year’s ‘Beer of the Festival Award’. A full bodied, darkish beer with rich fruit and bitter notes. Devon
91 Wood Shropshire Lass 4.1% A golden ale with a refreshing citrus edge to its bitterness. Shropshire
92 Wychwood Brakspear Bitter 3.4% A superb session beer. Amber in colour, with a good fruit, hop and malt nose.The initial taste of malt and the well hopped bitterness quickly dissolves into a predominantly bittersweet and fruity finish. Oxfordshire
93 Wye Valley Butty Bach 4.5% A burnished gold premium ale. Full bodied, smooth and satisfying. Herefordshire
94 Wyre Piddle Piddle On The Pump TBC TBC Worcestershire