2011 Festival Beers

1 Abbeydale Cow Polish 5.0% A pale IPA. Hoppy and delicious. Yorkshire
2 Adnams Regatta 4.3% Light and crisp with a lovely biscuit backbone. A delicate
palate with hints of lemon.
3 Alcazar Sheriffs Gold 3.6% Easy drinking pale ale with a light hop flavour. Nottinghamshire
4 Arbor Ales Artisan 4.8% Hoppy bitter. Brewed with American hops. A malty best bitter
with citrus flavours
5 Ashover TBC TBC TBC Derbyshire
6 Atomic Brewery TBC TBC TBC Warwickshire
7 Backyard Brewhouse The Hoard 3.9% Golden, hoppy, crisp and dry. West Midlands
8 Badger Firkin Fox 4.3% Bronze coloured seasonal ale with a fruity/hoppy aroma. Dorset
9 Ballards Midhurst Mild 3.4% Traditional mahogany brown, mild, smokey, roasted nutty aroma
with sweet molasses and dark chocolate flavours.
10 Banks & Taylor Dunstable Giant 4.4% Brewed using pearl pale malt, wheat malt, dark crystal malt,
roast barley and Golding hops.
11 Bateman Triple XB 4.8% Superb Classic Bitter with a complex palate of robust hop
flavour balanced by malt.
12 Batham Bottled Beer TBC TBC Staffordshire
13 Best Mates TBC TBC TBC
14 Bewdley TBC TBC TBC Worcestershire
15 Brains Reverend James 4.5% Full bodied and warming. Glamorgan
16 Braydon Ales Yer Tiz 4.1% Here is it – a triple hopped, well balanced bitter! Wiltshire
17 Breaconshire TBC TBC TBC Powys
18 Brough’s Brough’s Blonde 4.2% A light blonde beer with a crisp aftertaste Shropshire
19 Broughton Clipper IPA 4.2% A light coloured, crisp tasting well hopped ale bearing all
the hall marks of the “Indian Pale Ales”
20 Burton Bridge TBC TBC TBC Staffordshire
21 Butcombe Butcombe Blonde 4.3% A clean-tasting, refreshing, easy to drink premium beer. Light
and fruity with a medium bitter finish.
22 Cannon Royall TBC TBC TBC Worcestershire
23 Carlsberg – Tetley TBC TBC TBC South Wales
24 Clark’s Classic Blonde 3.9% Very fruity pale straw-coloured beer. Light to drink with a
spicy finish.
25 Coors Doom Bar TBC TBC Staffordshire
26 Coors Hancocks HB TBC TBC Staffordshire
27 Coors White Shield TBC TBC Staffordshire
28 Cotleigh Commando Hoofing 4.0% An explosion of flavours originating from cascade and Styrian
hops. A refreshing pale golden beer with a fruit filled finish.
29 Cotleigh Tawny Owl 3.8% A West Country classic, well balanced light copper coloured
bitter brewed using local malted barley and English whole hops. A subtle
hop palate which blends with the sweetness of the malt, to give a
beautiful and balanced bitter.
30 Cotswold Brewing Co Cotswold Lager 4.0% Light and refreshing with hints of tropical fruit and
31 Cotswold Spring Apricot Harvest 4.7% A light amber ale, flavoured with Amarillo hops and fresh
32 Cumbria Loweswater Gold TBC TBC Cumbria
33 Dark Star Hop Head 3.8% Clean drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and
elderflower notes.
34 Darwin TBC TBC TBC Tyne & Wear
35 Donnington Best Bitter 3.5% Light, malty and delicious, from Hooky’s only real rival Gloucestershire
36 Donnington S B A 4.0% A malty bitter from Britain’s most picturesque brewery Gloucestershire
37 Dowbridge TBC TBC TBC Leicestershire
38 Enville Ginger Beer 4.6% Produced using root extract ginger this ingeniously created
ginger beer has a flavour which is not overpowering and is very
West Midlands
39 Everards Tiger Best 4.2% An award winning best bitter brewed with crystal malt to give
it a rounded toffee character. A classic example of the perfect balance
between sweetness and bitterness.
40 Felinfoel Celtic Pride 5.0% An amber gold ale with a powerful malty taste and an aroma of
spicy fruits, dark berries, cherry, apple and some raspberry.
41 Freeminer TBC TBC TBC Gloucestershire
42 Frog Island Best Bitter 3.8% Pale golden session beer. A malty aroma with a touch of
43 Fuller’s Summer Ale 3.9% Refreshing, light cool golden beer with crisp malts and Czech
44 Goff’s Summer Knight TBC TBC Gloucestershire
45 Grainstore TBC TBC TBC Leicestershire
46 Greene King Sundance 4.1% Celebrate the summer with this fine ale brewed using pale
malts and Fuggles hops to create a light, refreshing ale with floral and
fruity aromas.
47 Greenodd TBC TBC TBC Cumbria
48 Harveys Best Bitter 4.0% A full, well-hopped bitter with a reputation that exceeds the
borders of its native and adjoining counties.
49 Harveys Olympia Golden Ale 4.2% A cool golden summer ale. Sussex
50 Hogs Back T.E.A. 4.2% A pale malty bitter. A well crafted bitter sweet beer with a
long dry finish.
51 Holden’s Summat Else TBC Cider West Midlands
52 Holt Humdinger 4.0% ‘Golden Brown in colour. Brewed with a combination of English
malt, Mexican Aroma Honey and Citrus Flavoured hops. Winner of the Tesco
Beer Challenge.
Greater Manchester
53 Hook Norton Old Hooky 4.6% A beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature, with a well-
rounded body and the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt.
54 Hook Norton Double Stout 4.8% Smooth and full-bodied with a refreshing hoppy aftertaste. A
blend of dark malts give it a character all of it’s own. Black malt
enriches the colour and teases the palate, and brown malt gives it the
55 Hook Norton Haymaker 5.0% A strong pale ale of distinctive taste. Plenty of Goldings
hops during the brewing give it a certain something extra – like
sunshine dancing on the tongue
56 Hook Norton Hooky Bitter 3.6% Subtly balanced golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the
palate – a classic session beer.
57 Hook Norton Hooky Dark 3.2% A dark chestnut – coloured ale, crammed full of roast malt
flavours, and complimented with superb dry-hop aromas from East Kent
58 Hook Norton Summer Haze 4.5% The first wheat beer from Hook Norton. Light, fruity, highly
effervescent and refreshing, an ideal drink for a summer’s day.
59 Hook Norton Hooky Gold 4.1% A pale, crisp beer; the Maris Otter malt gives it a bold,
clear, confidence, while the traditional English Fuggles and Goldings
and American Willamette hops give it the best of the old and the new
61 Jennings Cumberland Ale 4.0% A superb golden coloured, full flavoured ale with a delicate
hop character
62 Kingstone Classic 4.5% Distinctive hoppy, dry ale with a floral nose and a smooth
well balanced finish.
63 Lees Bitter 4.0% A copper coloured beer with a malty, hoppy aroma. You are left
with a distinctive malty aftertaste. One pint is never enough!
Greater Manchester
64 Loddon Ferryman’s Gold 4.4% Brewed using Slovenian hops which impart a zesty lime flavour. Oxfordshire
65 Marston’s Pedigree 4.5% A superb golden coloured, full flavoured ale brewed with
English Pale Ale malt and using only the finest English aromatic hops.
66 Nethergate Lemon Head 4.0% Hints of lemon and ginger. Suffolk
67 Nomad Beer Co TBC TBC TBC
68 North Cotswold Shag Weaver 4.5% Light coloured cask conditioned lager style brewed with New
Zealand Hops
69 North Cotswold Bumble Beer 4.5% Pale, balanced wheat beer, local honey and a touch of vanilla. Warwickshire
70 Oakham J.H.B. 3.8% Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours. Cambridgeshire
71 Old Swan Entire 4.4% TBC West Midlands
72 Otter Otter Ale 4.5% A pale brown, well balanced beer, with a predominant hop and
malty taste and aftertaste.
73 Otter Otter Amber 4.0% An amber coloured beer with a complex and spicy aroma. The
soft fruity taste has some bitterness from the carefully chosen hops.
74 Oxfordshire Ales Marshmellow 4.7% A classic, strong beer with generous warming flavour. The
taste is deliciously fruity and malty with a lingering bitter
75 Oxfordshire Ales Pride of Oxford 4.2% A traditional English Ale, brewed for a contemporary real ale
experience. Easy drinking, fruity and vibrant Pride of Oxford is
refreshing and thirst quenching. Perfect for any social occasion
76 Patriot Patriot TBC TBC Warwickshire
77 Potton Village Bike 4.3% Auburn in colour with a complex hop character. Bedfordshire
78 Purity Brewing Co Pure Gold 3.8% A refreshing golden ale. An easy drinking beer with a lovely
dry and bitter finish.
79 R C H Hewish Mild 3.8% A lighty, hopped bitter with a subtle sweetness and fruitful
taste. Floral, citrus hop aroma all of which lasts well to the finish.
80 Severn Vale Dance 4.5% A deep golden ale with luscious fruity hops leading to a
subtle citrus-orange finish.
81 Sharps Honey Gold 4.2% a delicious golden beer brewed with five varieties of hops,
honey and subtle spices (including ginger grown at Eden Project), giving
a delicately spicy, citrus bittersweet flavour designed to quench the
thirst during the warm summer months.
82 Shepherd Neame Spitfire 3 4.5% Born to commemorate battle of Britain, and may yet win it.
Dry, distinctive…
83 Shepherd Neame Spitfire 4 4.5% Born to commemorate battle of Britain, and may yet win it.
Dry, distinctive…
84 Shepherd Neame Spitfire 4.5% Born to commemorate battle of Britain, and may yet win it.
Dry, distinctive…
85 Shepherd Neame Spitfire 2 4.5% Born to commemorate battle of Britain, and may yet win it.
Dry, distinctive…
86 Skinners Betty Stogs 4.0% A pale mid-strength bitter with hoppy overtones. Cornwall
87 Slaughterhouse Saddleback 3.8% An amber colour conversational bitter with a distinctive
Challenger hop flavour.
88 St Austell Tribute 4.2% Hoppy flavour and fresh citrus nose are good enough to rival
any fine white wine.
89 St Georges Lazy Days 4.1% Straw coloured beer with a marked fruity taste to start and a
bitter edge to finish.
90 St Peters Organic Best Bitter 4.5% Clean, crisp lightly carbonated traditional English ale with a
full citrus hop aftertaste.
91 Strands TBC TBC TBC Cumbria
92 Teignworthy Gun Dog 4.3% A light bronze ale full of golding hops which gives it a
flowery, fruity, aromatic finish.
93 The Merrie Brewer TBC TBC TBC
94 Three Castles TBC TBC TBC Wiltshire
95 Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.3% Often regarded as one of the best ales in the country, fruity,
almost “lemony” bitter. Madonna’s favourite beer!
96 Timothy Taylor Landlord 2 4.3% Often regarded as one of the best ales in the country, fruity,
almost “lemony” bitter. Madonna’s favourite beer!
97 Tring Side Pocket for a Toad 3.6% Unmistakable citrus notes from only the best Cascade hops
balanced with a floral aroma and crisp dry finish make this straw
coloured ale a fantastic session beer.
98 Triple F F F Dazed and Confused 4.6% A genuine Hampshire pale ale, refreshing and moderately Hampshire
99 Warwickshire Market Ale 4.9% An assertive golden brown beer characterised by a long lasting
slightly resiny bitterness. The finish is fruity and warming with hints
of spice and orange.
100 Watermill Inn Collie Wobbles 3.7% A pale gold bitter with a slight citrus taste. A good hop and
malt balance gives way to a thirst quenching dry finish.
101 Wells London Gold 4.5% A golden beer with a refreshing taste. Bedfordshire
102 Wentworth Pale Ale 4.0% Golden, hoppy and very astringent. South Yorkshire
103 Weston’s Cider Old Rosie 7.3% Allowed to settle out naturally after fermentation resulting
in a truly old fashioned, full flavoured, appley, cloudy scrumpy with a
well-balanced, medium dry character.
104 Weston’s Cider Perry 4.5% Light and fruity with a well-balanced sweetness. A perfect
drink for all occasions.
105 White Horse Wild Horse Bitter 3.7% 75 Using only the finest ingredients this golden bitter balances
locally grown Challenge Hops with Yorkshires malt, to offer the
discerning drinker a beer that will stop any horse in its tracks.
106 Whittingtons TBC TBC TBC Gloucestershire
107 Wickwar Sunny Daze 4.2% Golden in colour, this beer has an unforgettable flavour of
fruit and malt, with a good hop aroma. Very refreshing, leaving you with
a long lasting hop finish.
108 Wood Shropshire Lad 4.5% A strong well rounded bitter drawing from a fine blend of
selected English malted barley, traditional English Fuggles and Golding
109 Woodforde Wherry 3.8% Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of
sweet malt and a hoppy ‘grapefruit’ bitter finish characterises this
champion bitter.
110 Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5% Powerful, red, roasted malt brew. Hang on to your hats with
this one!
111 Wye Valley Bitter 3.7% A delicate hoppy aroma leading to a full malty flavour ending
in a crisp, clean bitter finish.
112 Wyre Piddle TBC TBC TBC Worcestershire