2016 Festival Beers

Brewery Beer ABV Description County
Abbeydale Moonshine 4.3% A beautifully balanced pale straw-coloured premium bitter with a distinctive floral aroma, leading to a predominantly citrus taste, with grapefruit and lemons to the fore, and a quenching bitter finish. Our most popular beer. Yorkshire
Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5% A ghostly pale ale which takes its inspiration from Adnams 600-year-old haunted pub, The Bell at Walsberswick. Suffolk
Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5% A ghostly pale ale which takes its inspiration from Adnams 600-year-old haunted pub, The Bell at Walsberswick. Suffolk
Arkell’s Hoperation IPA 4.0% So popular, we’ve made it a House Beer! A blend of English and American hops brought together to create a powerful hop flavour in this Pale Ale with oats and wheat in the grist to provide a smooth rounded finish. Wiltshire
Atomic Atomic Strike 3.7% A pale golden ale with a sharp fruity aromatic aroma and a good sharp bitter finish. Warwickshire
Backyard Brewhouse The Hoard 3.9% A golden straw coloured beer brewed specially to mark the discovery of the ‘Staffordshire Hoard’ – the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found.SIBA National beer competition 2011 Gold medal. West Midlands
Ballards Midhurst Mild 3.4% Traditional mahogany brown, mild, smokey, roasted nutty aroma with sweet molasses and dark chocolate flavours. Hampshire
Batham Batham’s Best 4.3% A straw-coloured bitter which initially seems sweet, but a complex dry, hoppy taste soon predominates. Staffordshire
Bellingers Blenheim 3.8% A clean-tasting, dark straw-coloured bitter with a balanced sweetness Oxfordshire
Bewdley Worcestershire Way 3.6% A pale straw colour, First Gold, Celeia, and Fuggles hops. A very refreshing session beer with citrus aftertones. Worcestershire
Box Steam Golden Bolt 3.8% A light straw coloured bitter, with a fruity malty caramel flavour. Wiltshire
Bradfield Farmers Blonde 4.0% This very pale, brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale. Yorkshire
Brains R D Dark 3.5% A smooth, treacle-coloured beer Glamorgan
Brakspear Brakspear Bitter 3.4% A superb session beer. Amber in colour with a good fruit, hop and malt nose. The initial taste of malt and the well hopped bitterness quickly dissolves into a predominantly bittersweet and fruity finish Oxfordshire
Brakspear Brakspear Bitter 3.4% A superb session beer. Amber in colour with a good fruit, hop and malt nose. The initial taste of malt and the well hopped bitterness quickly dissolves into a predominantly bittersweet and fruity finish Oxfordshire
Brakspear Hooray Henry 4.0% Celebrating all the is good about Henley On Thames and the world famous Regatta. This gloriously zesty blonde beer releases tangy citrus and grapefruit overtones Oxfordshire
Brough’s Fettle 4.3% A golden bitter, slightly sweet, with a subtle hoppy aftertaste. West Midlands
Butcombe Hop Eye 4.2% An intensely complex and hoppy light golden beer that contains hops from 13 countries Avon
Cannon Royall Blonde Bombshell 4.3% A golden bitter with a good body! Worcestershire
Castle Coombe Doing Little 4.1% Toffee-coloured and hoppy Wiltshire
Castle Rock Harvest Pale 3.8% A pale, polished, blonde beer with a distinct hop flavour leading to a crisp finish Nottinghamshire
Coors Doombar 4.0% A balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. Staffordshire
Cross Bay Sunshine 4.0% Smooth Malt taste with Red Berry additions from UK grown Hops. Lancashire
Cumbria Loweswater Gold 4.3% A pale golden ale made with mainly lager malt and German hops producing a tropical fruit aroma and flavour. Winner of many awards, including 2011 Champion Golden Ale of Britain. Cumbria
Dark Star Seville Ale 4.0% Golden Ale brewed with Spanish Seville oranges West Sussex
Donnington Best Bitter 3.6% A pleasant amber bitter with a slight hop aroma, a good balance of malt and hops in the mouth and a bitter aftertaste. Gloucestershire
Dowbridge D B Dark 4.4% A strong, dark, full-bodied ale with roast malt giving hints of chocolate. Leicestershire
East London Jamboree 4.8% A golden summer ale London
Elgood Black Dog 3.6% Well balanced malt and hops gives a pleasant aroma and taste, with splendid roasted bitter flavours. Cambridgeshire
Enville Ginger Beer 4.6% Produced using root extract ginger this ingeniously created ginger beer has a flavour which is not overpowering and is very refreshing. West Midlands
Everards Stateside Rye 4.5% Pale amber beer with a rose, lavender, fruity hop and citrus, zesty, malty, vanilla taste Leicestershire
Felinfoel Dragon Heart 4.5% A rich colour and a smooth balanced character with red fruit flavour and toffee overtones Carmarthenshire
Forge Hart of Gold 4.0% Golden colour with flavours of tropical fruit and pink grapefruit North Devon
Fuggle Bunny New Beginnings 4.9% Nose twitching, Fuggle peers from him den for the first time. The fresh spring air is gently fragranced with aromas of sweet honey and spice. A breeze of dry hoppiness drifts by whilst the warm glow of the sun gives the fields an amber haze. Today was going to be a good day for an adventure. Yorkshire
Fuller’s London Pride 4.7% Award-winning, famous premium ale. A good malty base with an excellent blend of hop character, resulting in an easy-drinking beer with great body and a fruity, satisfying finish. Middlesex
Goff’s Lancer 3.8% A golden ale with a light citrus aroma Gloucestershire
Grafton Prowler 4.3% Classic copper bitter, bags of flavour, dry malty finish. Nottinghamshire
Grainstore Ten-Fifty 5.0% A full strength mahogany coloured beer, possessing the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness & aroma against a natural malty sweetness. Leicestershire
Great Orme Celtica 4.5% A refreshing contemporary golden ale full of citrus taste and aroma. Clwyd
Great Orme Orme Bitter 4.2% Crystal, chocolate and Maris Otter malts give an initial well balanced taste, giving way to a delicate smoked finish. Clwyd
Great Orme Welsh Black 4.0% Rich, dark and full of malt flavours, this black bitter owes its characteristics to the large amount of chocolate malt giving it a velvety smooth rich coffee finish. No aroma hops are added to this beer, instead seven types of grain are used to develop the flavour Clwyd
Greene King Back of the Net 4.1% A perfect, easy drinking beer for the Summer; the Amarillo and Citra hops create a refreshing beer with an intense citrus zing Suffolk
Grey Trees Caradogs Bitter 3.9% A beautiful bitter, copper in colour, with a crisp flavour and a dry finish. Crafted with Crystal and Caragold malt, Challenger and Golding hops, Welsh water and Grey Trees’ passion. Glamorgan
Grey Trees Diggers Gold 4.0% Grey Trees’ modern CAMRA award-winning golden ale. Alive with fresh citrus aromas which leave a subtle bitterness. Crafted with Marris Otter pale malt, US hops, Welsh water and Grey Trees’ passion. Glamorgan
Gun Dog Ales Hot Dog 3.9% We love Hot Dog and it appears so do a lot of other people. Super cool and friendly, with a refreshing citrus taste, it’s a summer beer that ticks all the right (cool) boxes. So pop on the shorts, light the barbie and lap up the sunshine. Northamptonshire
Hall & Woodhouse Fursty Ferret 4.4% A sweet nutty palate, hoppy aroma and a hint of Seville oranges, give this tawny amber ale its distinctive personality Dorset
Hambleton Stud Blonde 4.3% A refreshing, golden, easy-drinking blonde ale North Yorkshire
Harveys Best Bitter 4.0% A superbly balanced bitter with a prominent hop character Sussex
Harveys Golden Ale 4.3% A cool golden summer ale, very refreshing with a balanced complexity Sussex
Holden’s Golden Glow 4.4% A golden ale with subtle, fragrant hop aromas, a moreish gentle sweetness and an almost citrus-like pleasant bitter finish West Midlands
Hook Norton 167 6.7% Brewed to celebrate 167 years of brewing here at Hooky. Reddish brown, fruity and spicy. Remember Diamond Reserve? Try this! Oxfordshire
Hook Norton 12 Days 5.5% A strong dark brown beer, offering a dominantly malty palate with nutty overtones, giving way to a lyrical sweetness that speaks for its strength Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Brian the Daddy 4.2% Brewed in fond memory – so please raise a glass, raise a smile, and enjoy. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Brian the Daddy 4.2% Brewed in fond memory – so please raise a glass, raise a smile, and enjoy. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Draymans Drop 3.7% A light brew with a complex hop aroma. Malted barley complemented with a bushel or two of malted wheat and some fruity slovenian hops. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Harvest Hop 3.5% Light and fruity, with a cosmopolitan hop burst, ideal summer refreshment. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Haymaker 5.0% A strong pale ale of distinctive taste. Plenty of Goldings hops during the brewing give it a certain something extra – like sunshine dancing on the tongue. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Hooky 3.5% A subtly balanced, golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate. The classic session beer, eminently drinkable. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Hooky Gold 4.1% A very pale, crisp beer confidently displaying its hop character.  The first Hook Norton Beer to feature American hops, a fruity aroma and a pleasant, light taste. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Hooky Mild 2.8% A dark chestnut coloured ale, full of roast malt flavours, and complemented with superb dry-hop aromas from East Kent Goldings. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Lion 4.0% Perfectly balanced, fresh and fruity. A blend of four malts and four hops gives a slightly sweet taste and a wonderful aroma of dark fruit. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Old Hooky 4.6% A beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature, with a well-rounded body and the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Pro’cross’tination 4.0% You’d be a fool to delay or postpone getting your hands on our PROCROSSTINATION Ale, brewed to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, our St Cross international Pale Ale is  bit unique and truly an international affair. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Right Hook 4.6% Light with a bitter dry mouth feel, finishing in a lovely mix of citrus and tropical fruits. Oxfordshire
Hook Norton Thorns Best 4.2% Hand crafted by his master Sandra, this dark chestnut brew delivers a forest fruit finish. It’s a dog’s life indeed. Oxfordshire
Hop Back Summer Lightening 5.0% An extremely pleasant bitter, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. This, coupled with an intense bitterness, leads to an excellent long, dry finish. Wiltshire
Hopshackle Kinesis 3.8% A golden ale tasting of malt, citrus fruits, orange and passion fruit Cambridgeshire
Hydes Anvil Lowry 4.7% Crafted from Citra and Chinook hops to produce an intensely hoppy and refreshing Golden beer. The use of amber malt gives the beer an attractive richness with oodles of strong citrus and lovely tropical tones. A real “Hop Heads” beer. Greater Manchester
Itchen Valley Belgarum 3.9% Named as a tribute to the Roman province of Venta Belgarum, better known today as Winchester. The hop’s flavours are full and juicy but the key to Belgarum is the sweetest of Hampshire honey, offset by elderflower, creating one of our most addictively smooth pints. Hampshire
Kendricks Scrum 4.0% A malty nutty flavour and a long, dry finish with a hint of wild berries Warwickshire
Langham Hip Hop 4.0% Following in the modern tradition of blonde strongly hopped beers. A classic blonde beer — clean and crisp. The nose is loaded with floral hop aroma while the pale malt flavour is overtaken by a pleasing dry and bitter finish. W Sussex
Lemming Red Head 4.4% Our complex red ale made with six different malts from the UK, Belgium and Germany, with UK and US hops – a truly international ale Warwickshire
Loddon Hullabaloo 4.2% A copper coloured Best Bitter with a rich, nutty malt balanced by the dry herby flavour of English Fuggle hops. Guaranteed to cause a stir! Oxfordshire
Loose Cannon Bombshell 4.2% The perfect beer for a warm summers day. The use of only pale malts really allows the hop’s unique citrus flavour to shine unabated. Thirst quenching and tasty. Oxfordshire
Mighty Oak Captain Bob 3.8% A traditional deep amber coloured bitter brewed with Nelson Stauvin hop from New Zealand. Essex
Moncada Notting Hill Blonde 4.2% Continental style yellow beer, a mix of hops, bitterness and sweetness. The flavour explodes on the tongue London
Mordue 5 Bridges 3.6% A fruity amber beer with more than a hint of hops. Tyne & Wear
Nailsworth Alestock 3.6% More hoppy than a caffeine-fueled bunny on a bouncy castle, it is the perfect year-round ale. Gloucestershire
Nailsworth Mayors 4.2% This best bitter with wonderful malt textures is complemented by the long-lasting and heavenly taste of blackcurrants. Gloucestershire
Nailsworth Monument Valley 5.9% A floury, fruity red IPA, inspired by N American craft  beers Gloucestershire
North Cotswold Hung Drawn & Portered 5.0% A strong dark Porter – treacle roasted molasses Warwickshire
Oakham Endless Summer 3.4% Pale gold colour with a good head, floral aroma, dry citrus hop taste Cambridgeshire
Olde Swan Original 3.5% A moderate bitter, light sweet with a crisp refreshing woody hop bitter palate and a lingering bitter finish West Midlands
Otley Hop Angeles 4.8% It spent a while in development but this is our version of a full bodied hop bursting American Red, it just keeps delivering. Glamorgan
Otter Otter Head 5.8% A distinct barley wine, old ale character, yet is light to drink. It has a malt, fruit and slightly sweet flavour, with a long bittersweet aftertaste. Devon
Pot Belly Bellowhead 4.5% A light coloured bitter with a citrus hoppy finish, Brewed with the help of “Bellowhead” Northants
Purity Brewing Co Pure Ubu 4.5% Pure UBU (pronounced ‘OO-BOO’) is named after our faithful canine friend ‘UBU’, a maverick, brim full of character and the unofficial protector of our secrets. Warwickshire
Rebel Mexi-Cocoa 7.2% A premium luxury chocolate & vanilla stout. Tasting of black treacle, brown sugar, coffee and raisins. Cornwall
Rebellion Evolution 4.2% A light golden Summer beer, with a citrusy hop character Buckinghamshire
Redemption Urban Dusk 4.6% Chestnut coloured Premium Bitter with malts providing coffee aromas and some hazelnut and caramel on the palate, while Bramling Cross hops offer some dark fruit flavours. London
Robinson’s Reservoir Hop 4.2% A Blonde ale. Clean, zesty and hoppy palate Cheshire
Rudgate Ruby Mild 4.4% Nutty, rich ruby ale. Champion beer of Britain 2009 – dark cherry ruby red in colour Yorkshire
Salamander Golden Salamander 4.5%  Silver Medal Winner at the Great British Beer Festival. A golden premium ale brewed with Challenger and Styrian hops. This beer has a refreshing citrus hop flavour. West Yorkshire
Salamander Mud Puppy 4.2% A bittersweet copper-coloured bitter with a distinctive hop character derived from Progress and East Kent Goldings hops. West Yorkshire
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Gold 4.1% A well-balanced, light golden ale. Its sweet malt base is built upon with delicate floral and pine aromas imparted by some of the most popular hops of the moment, including Centennial and Saaz. Kent
Sherfield Village Butchers Brew 4.9% A rich, brown multi-hop beer which is vegan-friendly (only ever casked or bottled unfined) Hampshire
Shotover Prospect 3.7% A session bitter designed to be full of hoppy character and flavour Oxfordshire
Six Bells Back to Basics 4.3% Lovely traditional English brown bitter with a great taste Shropshire
Six Bells Spikey Blonde 4.0% A refreshing beer with a beautiful tasting citrus back ground Shropshire
Skinners Lushingtons Ale 4.2% A zesty pale ale, with summer fruits flavours and floral notes Cornwall
Slaughterhouse Saddleback 3.8% An amber coloured conversational bitter with a distinctive ‘Challenger’ hop flavour. Warwickshire
Speyside Dava Way 4.0% A pale ale with elderflower flavours Inverness
St Austell Proper Job 4.5% An award winning modern IPA, packed full of citrus pineapple, grapefruit resinous flavours with a fine crisp bitter finish. Cornwall
St Georges Dragons Blood 4.8% Chocolate and crystal malt combined to give a ruby red coloured beer with a hint of chocolate. Brewed using fuggles and styrian Goldings, blended for an earthy and slightly spicy aroma. Worcestershire
Stratford – Upon – Avon Louis’s Pale Ale 4.0% Our hoppiest beer yet! Powerful floral flavours made with pure English hops including East Kent Golding and Challenger. It is heavily hopped at the end of the boil process which allows the brew to lock in all of the essential oils to create a powerful flavour and aroma. Full bodied with strong floral flavours. Cumbria
Stratford – Upon – Avon Malty Pig Bitter 4.4% A Premium Dark Golden Bitter made with Maris Otter, Crystal and Chocolate Malts with English Fuggles and Golding hops.A full bodied dark golden bitter with hints of caramel. Generously hopped to bring out a variety of balanced hoppy flavours. Cumbria
Stratford – Upon – Avon Stratford Gold 3.8% Premium light Golden ale made with Maris Otter, Crystal and Wheat Malts with Citra and Fuggles hops. Medium Bodied Golden ale with a fine malty flavour with a light hint of citrus fruits. Cumbria
Stroud Budding Pale Ale 4.5% Very popular pale ale with a grassy bitterness, sweet malt and luscious floral aroma. Gloucestershire
Summerskills Devon Dew 4.5% Honey, yellow with a floral, clean malty aroma. Sweet lemon upfront with a long grapefruit finish, mildly hoppy. Devon
Teignworthy Old Moggy 4.4% A lovely golden ale with a good, hoppy citrus taste Devon
Teme Valley Summer Nights 3.7% A thirst quenching summer ale that is dark in colour Worcestershire
Timothy Taylor Boltmaker 4.0% The Brewers’ Favourite. Named after one of favourite local pubs, Boltmaker is a well-balanced Yorkshire Bitter that was awarded Supreme Champion Beer of Britain in 2014. Yorkshire
Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.3% A classic pale ale with a complex citrus and hoppy aroma. A recent survey revealed that Landlord has the highest proportion of drinkers who call it their favourite ale. And it has won more awards than any other beer Yorkshire
Tomos Watkin Kickass 6.0% Does exactly what it says on the tin. At a full bodied 6.0% ABV, the clean malt palate allows a big kick of new world hops to give a refreshing bitterness, tropical fruit flavours and a dry finish. Craft brewed in Wales by our brewing team to be enjoyed anywhere. West Glamorgan
Torrside Fire Damage 3.6% A smooth, rich yet easy drinking stout with its feet firmly rooted in the smoked beer traditions of Germany. Brewed to a lower ABV for the warmer months. Derbyshire
Tring Moongazing 4.2% All American hopped. This amber/ruby hued ale has a well rounded bitterness with grapefruit, mango and peach hop characteristics imparted by Chinook and Citra. Hertfordshire
Triple F F F Alton’s Pride 3.8% A traditional English bitter brewed using water from the Hampshire chalk hills. Full and clean tasting, initially malty then tangerine fruit and resinous hop build to a quenching bitter finish. CAMRA Supreme Champion 2008. Hampshire
Turpin Golden Citrus 4.2% Award winning golden ale steeped with Yakima Valley American hops for a powerful citrus flavour. Oxfordshire
Turpin Elderflower 4.0% A thirst-quenching light summer beer Oxfordshire
Twisted Rider Ale 4.0% Deep copper, fruity, floral, malty with a dry finish Wiltshire
Wadworth Swordfish 5.0% With a gentle rum aroma and dark, unrefined sugar adding a rich smoothness, it is a full-bodied, deep copper coloured ale. Wiltshire
Warwickshire Lady Godiva 4.2% An aromatic golden ale, with honey and malt on the nose. On the tongue a slightly sweet, biscuity maltiness is balanced by the rounded bitterness of the hops. The honeyed sweetness of the palate surrenders to a lingering bitterness in the finish. Warwickshire
Watermill Inn Windermere Blonde 4.2% Blonde bitter with a hoppy aroma, well balanced bitterness and long lasting dry finish Cumbria
Wessex Stourton Pale Ale 3.5% Low gravity, English style pale coloured bitter, light and refreshing. Wiltshire
White Horse Black Beauty 3.9% Siba Regional , Bronze Winner 2013
Black Beauty Mild joined the Stable last year as a dark outsider and dark is the word! Rich Ruby in colour, using the best chocolate malt and fine English Fuggle hop to achieve a flavour that leaves the herd behind like a true Champion!
Wickwar Falling Star 4.2% Premium Golden Ale. Brewed for the contemporary taste palate using locally grown and renowned floor malted Maris Otter barley from Warminster Maltings. Gloucestershire
Windsor and Eton Conqueror 5.0% A Black IPA –  a rich, complex and very distinctive ale. It is brewed with a careful blend of 5 speciality malts along with Summit and Cascade hops. Berkshire
Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5% Full-bodied, Ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity, mischievous character. Oxfordshire
Wye Valley Daisy Duke 4.1% An ale that’s sunny by name, sunny by nature. A dark blonde ale that always looks on the bright side. Herefordshire
Wye Valley The Hopfather 3.9% Starring UK Chinook and Herefordshire Goldings hops, this smooth bodied ale features a spicy honey-pine and grapefruit flavour. Herefordshire
XT Apricot Pale Ale 4.2% Apricot flavoured golden ale Buckinghamshire
York Guzzler 3.6% A beautifully balanced, light gold coloured beer with dominant hop flavours and pale malt character. Yorkshire
Yubberton Goldie 4.0% A refreshing IPA style beer with a strong hoppy character. Gloucestershire
Thornbridge Ashford 4.2% A new world brown ale Derbyshire
Kingstone Kingstone Gold 4.0% Straw-coloured smooth ale with citrus notes and a hoppy finish Monmouthshire
RCH Pitchfork 4.3% A golden bitter with a floral citric hop aroma Wiltshire
Ramsbury Flintknapper 4.2% A select blend of pale ale and chocolate malt and our use of Goldings Hops give this smooth ale a rich amber colour and a taste of malty overtomes Wiltshire
Weston’s Cider Old Rosie 7.3% Mid golden and straw-like in colour, a cloudy, medium-bodied fruity cider that has a wonderful aroma of wild berry-fruits, honey and vintage cider-barrels. Herefordshire
Weston’s Cider Rosie’s Pig 4.8% An easy drinking cloudy cider with a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice Herefordshire
Cotswold Brewing Co Cotswold Lager 4.0% Light and refreshing with hints of tropical fruit and elderflower. Gloucestershire
Belhaven Belhaven 80/- 3.9% An auburn copper with with a malty, toffee and soft fruit flavours East Lothian
Belhaven Belhaven Golden Bay 3.8% Mild malty aroma. Light chocolate roast flavour with a light caramel and hint of figs and a dry bitter finish. East Lothian